Barolo Scarrone „Vigna Mandorlo“ Riserva

Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin

This Barolo Riserva is fruit of the homonymous „Mandorlo“ vineyard, located in the sub-area of Scarrone in Castiglione Falletto.
In order to enhance this prestigious vineyard, after undergoing attentive agronomic treatment, the best grapes have been selected and then submitted to a vinification process aimed at bringing out the highest expression from the precious fruit.

The grapes have been harvested by hand and carefully placed in large cases. They have been left to rest for a night before undergoing crushing and de-stemming the next morning, including the more mature bunches. A long submerged cap maceration has followed, lasting for 55 days. After the process of racking, the wine has first refined in 30-hectolitre French oak barrels for 46 months and then in stainless steel tanks for another year, before finally proceeding to bottling.

Vine species: Nebbiolo, Lampia and Michet biotypes
Colour: garnet red with light tinges of orange
Bouquet: complex and evolving. Floral notes of rose and fruity hints of blood oranges, but also spicy and ethereal scents of liquorice, tobacco, and even white truffle.
Taste: it is warm, persistent and well-structured on the palate, thanks to its high extract and consistent tannic texture. Amidst the fruity and spicy notes, an interestingly marked sapidity stands out, endowed by the sandy-marly soil composition typical of the Mandorlo vineyard.
Min. alcoholic strength: 14% vol.
Ageing: a wine suited to long ageing.
Store: the bottle must be placed horizontally and kept in a dark room with constant temperature.
Serve: at room temperature approx. 18°C. Excellent with red meat (roasted, skewered or grilled) and with wild game.

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