Our secret lies in the land and our work

Our secret lies in the land and our work. A “Friendly vineyard” represents the will to embrace production processes, which cross nature without leaving any scars, following cyclical procedures based on renewable resources and preferring production factors within the company. Our main company objective consists in producing fine wine and in keeping with the vineyards from which they originated. On this same level, we place the production of healthy wine, capable of repaying the trust and passion of all those who drink it. Another point close to our heart is our desire to reduce the impact on the environment of our production cycle. In this respect, we can proudly present various points, evidence of our respect for the environment.


Energy autonomy and low environmental impact

Energy autonomy: the power we produce comes from photovoltaic panels.
Environmentally viticulture:
Understanding the land.
Vineyard planting without breaking up and distorting the land.
Managing and channelling rainwater.
Moderate productions from well-balanced vines.
Eliminating the use of herbicides.
Agricultural use of rainwater for treatments.
Fertilization using grape skins.
Compensating CO2 emissions by maintaining the woodland we own.


Careful and non-invasive oenology

Wines similar to the grapes used to make them
Slow vinification with lengthy macerations Stabilisations left in the hands of timeo.

Technical and technological choices managed using our own self-produced power Reducing water consumption in the production process Recycling and treating cellar effluents.

Using lightweight bottles Analytical assessment for the absence of pesticide residues in finished wine Analytical assessment to ensure the biogenic amine limits is observed.