Our wine captures in it the sun and wind, the frost of winter and the heat of summer, the joy of the grape harvest and hard work of this longest season.

We aim for heathly grapes and similar to the land that produced them; balance, planting density, turfing, short pruning, moderate wine production, accurate and timely processing, patience and understanding are our main tools.
In the wine cellar, turning grapes into wine is done carefully and with respect.
Technology and innovation work alongside traditional, firmly deep-rooted techniques, allowing us to produce a distinct range of wines, ranging from extremely modern and technological interpretations to the more fundamental and traditional ones.

During this process, we never forget the nature of the origin of the grape and the wine continually subject to analytical and organoleptic tests and controls. Having, over the years, purchased increasingly modern winemaking and bottling machinery and increasing the number of wooden casks and steel vats has enabled us to reach our current production capacity of approx. 10,000 hectolitres of wine equal to 600,000 bottles per year.