Once upon a time there were four brothers: Leone, Giovanni Battista, Costantino and Giuseppe, who towards the end of the 19th-century moved from Costigliole d’Asti to Neive, in the heart of the Langhe area, to work as sharecroppers (tenant farmers who give a share of the crops raised to the landlord in lieu of rent).

The same roots, but each a different destiny: Leone was killed in a hunting accident, while Giovanni Battista, after studying at theological college, went on to become the Parish Priest of Caramagna.
Costantino enrolled in the national gendarmerie of Italy, the Arma dei Carabinieri, leaving his mark in the world thanks to his son Dante, going down in history as the inventor of the Fiat Cinquecento.

Finally, Giuseppe, made the dream that had always been in his heart come true: to own a wine cellar producing wine from the hills where he was born.

It was on a day in June in 1895 when he heard there was a winecellar for sale in Borgonuovo di Neive, for the sum of three thousand Italian Lira: an amount he surely would never be able to afford.