That same night he had a dream and the next day he played the numbers he saw in his dream on the National Lottery: Fortune smiled upon Giuseppe and, with his winnings, he bought that very winecellar.

Giuseppe’s son Leone took over the business, who fulfilled the ambitious idea of the head of the family, and under his guidance the broking firm, specialised, in selling grapes, became to all intents and purposes a commercial and winemaking firm, producing its very own wine.

After forty years of hard work, through two world wars, Leone’s sons, Valerio and Renzo took over the business: work in the cellar improved even more and the sale of wine increased from casks to demijohns, arriving finally at being sold in bottles.

In the 1990’s, Valerio’s son Maurizio and Renzo’s son Paolo took over the helm of the business and set their sights on increasing the vineyards owned in areas where the noblest wines of the Langhe region are produced. A fine family tradition, therefore, continued by Maurizio’s sons Alessandro and Mauro, and Paolo’s children Lorenzo and Anna.