Our company dates back hundreds of years: a family history, steeped in values handed down from father to son.

Generation after generation, those at the helm of the business had two very clear reference points: naturalness and quality, leading principles at the basis of the company’s philosophy, found at every transformation stage of the grape, from the vineyard to the winecellar.

We work the land each day, with passion and will, believing that our wine before everything else must express this essence: directly cultivating the vineyards, we check the origin of our grapes right to their roots. Over a century after the business was founded, in 1988, we bought in partnership with Giacomo Bologna of Braida winecellar, the Fiori vineyard in the Commune of Trezzo Tinella, creating the company Serra dei Fiori.

In 1991, the vineyards of Cascina Canavere in Bussia and San Pietro in Monforte d’Alba were acquired and in 1994 those of Vigna Mandorlo (the Almond Vineyard) in Scarrone, Castiglione Falletto. In 2000 we purchased a hectare of Dolcetto and three of Barbera in Madonna Como and in 2003 three and a half hectares of Nebbiolo at the Basarin vineyard in Neive, as well as two hectares of Barbera at Cascina Bordini in Neive, right up to the present day where we manage a total of 50 hectares of vineyard.