Barbaresco Basarin

Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin

The brightness acquired by the Nebbiolo grapes grown in the Basarin vineyard, thanks to a particular exposure, is found in the maturity and structure of this wine.

The lengthy maceration and over a year ageing in large casks give this wine a good olfactory complexity and austerity to the palate. With age, it varies from ruby to garnet red.

Vine species: Nebbiolo.
Colour: from ruby red it changes, with age, to garnet red.
Bouquet: intense and at the same time delicate: reminiscent of violets, fruit, and currant gelatine.
Taste: dry, smooth, full-bodied, and delicately velvety.
Min. alcoholic strength: 12,5% vol.
Ageing: wine suited to long ageing.
Store: bottle horizontally, in a dark room and away from sudden temperature changes.
Serve: at room temperature approx. 18°C. Ideal with roast meats and feathered game.

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