Barolo Bussia

Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin

Grown in vineyards in the subarea of Bussia in Monforte d’Alba.
The balance between the clayey and calcareous elements in the soil, the high presence of magnesium and microelements, the temperature ranges of the altitude and location of the valley mouth favour the essentials, in these grapes, of particular fruity notes.

Non-invasive winemaking, lengthy maceration, and ageing in casks of 30 and 60 hectolitres (60 and 120 kegs) produce a velvety wine with smooth tanicity.

Vine species: Nebbiolo.
Colour: from ruby red, it changes, with age, to garnet red.
Bouquet: ample and persistent, flowery with hints of rose, complex even up to leather and tar.
Taste: dry, full-bodied, well proportioned, and even velvety.
Min. alcoholic strength: 13% vol.
Ageing: a wine suited to long ageing.
Store: bottle horizontally, in a dark room and away from sudden temperature changes.
Serve: at room temperature approx. 18°C.
Excellent with red meats (both roasted, skewered, or grilled) and especially with wild game.

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