Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin

This Gavi is produced from a Cortese vineyard, typical of Piedmont, already well known in the XVIII century. The Cortese grape is grown in vineyards in the Alessandria area, situated in an ideal position for the production of Gavi.

A wine that can be consumed immediately because fresh and light. An ideal accompaniment with mild dishes. With moderate ageing, this wine evolves in an interesting manner.

Vine species: Cortese.
Colour: rather clear straw coloured yellow, with greenish glints when young.
Bouquet: intense, pleasant. When young it is reminiscent of apples and white flowers. Matured in the bottle it acquires rather fully developed fruity notes.
Taste: dry, pleasant, with a full and harmonious body.
Alcoholic content: 10,5% vol.
Ageing: this wine is sold just a few months after the grape harvest.
Store: in a cool, dark room.
Serve: at 7-10°C, ideal with starters, fish, and shellfish.

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