Grignolino d’Asti

Denomination of Controlled Origin

Grignolino obtained from the vine of the same name. Its name almost undoubtedly originates from the word “grignole”, in Piedmont dialect used to indicate the grape-seeds inside the grapes, which are more numerous than in other vine species. According to another theory its origin is connected to the Italian verb “grignè”, this again in dialect means to laugh.

Vine species: Grignolino.
Colour: pale ruby red and, if aged, gains an orangey tone.
Bouquet: delicate, persistent and very pleasant: reminiscent of roses.
Taste: dry, pleasant, and fresh with a gently robust body and slightly noticeable tannins.
Min. alcoholic strength: 11% vol.
Ageing: short, an understanding of this wine is needed to appreciate its splendid youth.
Store: bottle horizontally, in a dark room and awway from sudden temperature changes.
Serve: between 16°C and 18°C. Perfect with meat starters, and mild first courses..

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