Langhe Chardonnay Ca’ Lunga

Denomination of Controlled Origin

This wine is the result of our best selection of Chardonnay grapes. Fermented in casks for approx. six months and aged in the bottle for one year before being sold.

Vine species: Chardonnay.
Colour: heavy straw coloured yellow.
Bouquet: intense, scent of yellow flowers in bloom, mature fruit, vanilla, and liquorice.
Taste: well structured, plays on a good balance between grape sapidity and contributed tannic of wood.
Min. alcoholic strength: 12% vol.
Ageing: suited to maturing in the bottle for at least two years.
Store: in a cool, dark room.
Serve: at 14-16°C. Ideal with white meats and unsurpassable with fried breaded mushrooms.

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