Langhe Chardonnay Rorea

Denomination of Controlled Origin

Its home is in the Borgogna area, but is cultivated throughout the world, made into wine on its own and with other grapes: it adapts well to various climate types, from cold to hot.

Producing wines capable of improving with age as well as being matured in the bottle for decades. Know for its flexibility: it adapts well to cold fermentation or in the cask where the superiority of the fruity notes combines extremely well with the scents of new wood.

A vigorous, precocious vine species, which renders well on the land of the upper hills such as that of Cascina Rorea in Trezzo Tinella. Different procedures are used to make the wine from these grapes, creating two very distinct wines: Rorea and Cà Lunga.

Vine species: Chardonnay.
Colour: pale-yellow. With greenish glints when young.
Bouquet: intense notes of white flowers and exotic fruits. Matured in the bottle this wine has the very pleasant fumé of dried fruit.
Taste: fresh, full-bodied, and harmonic.
Min. alcoholic strength: 11% vol.
Ageing: six months fermenting on the yeasts, after a year in the bottle the wine unfurls its elegance.
Store: in a cool, dark room.
Serve: at 10-12°C, ideal with starters, fish, and shellfish.

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