Nebbiolo d’Alba

Denomination of Controlled Origin

Nebbiolo d’Alba is obtained from the vineyard of the same name, from grapes grown on the left flank the Tanaro River. This wine is only sold after maturing in the bottle for a year. With a more or less full ruby red colour, which with age becomes slightly garnet red. Its bouquet is reminiscent of violets.

Vine species: Nebbiolo.
Colour: a slightly intense, but brilliant ruby red.
Bouquet: delicate reminiscent of violets.
Taste: dry, lively, and rather fruity when young, soft, and velvety after maturing in the bottle.
Min. alcoholic strength: 12% vol.
Ageing: wine suited to moderate ageing (minimim of one year).
Store: bottle horizontally, in a dark room and away from sudden temperature changes.
Serve: at room temperature approx. 18°C. Excellent accompaniment to roasts and grilled meats, mixed fry, fondues and medium mature cheeses.

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