Roero Arneis

Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin

An ancient vineyard located in the area surrounding Alba, cultivated on the orographic left flank of the Tanaro River.
The vineyard from which it is produced has good vigour, steady productivity and with no excess.
Producing a very fragrant white wine, pleasant and with good finesse.
Drink preferably when rather young, when it best expresses the great characteristics of its bouquet, which stem directly from the grapes.

Vine species: Arneis.
Colour: straw coloured yellow sometimes a slightly heavy colour.
Bouquet: intense, persistent, and flowery.
Taste: dry and at the same time velvety, remarkably pleasant, and full-bodied on the palate.
Min. alcoholic strength: 10,5% vol.
Store: bottle horizontally, in a dark room and away from sudden temperature changes.
Serve: at 7-8°C, ideal with starters, fish, and shellfish. Preferably, drink this wine young.

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